Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Program focuses on assisting all GUMC faculty to reach their career goals, helping faculty grow as educators, researchers, clinicians, and administrators, and supporting innovation and excellence in leadership.

  • Aligned with university and partnering health systems missions

  • Advised by members of the Faculty Development Committee

  • Promotes professional growth and career development of Georgetown University Medical Center faculty

  • Facilitates a culturally and ethnically diverse faculty

  • Provides mentoring guidance

  • Offers workshops and training events  in career development, teaching and research to faculty and fellows

  • Collaborates with SOM, SNHS, main campus, and MedStar-based faculty development programs  

New Faculty Orientation

WELCOME to a new academic year!  All faculty members are invited to join the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs (OFAA) for an informative session to welcome new faculty to our community and provide all faculty with critical information about the Georgetown University Medical Center.

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Faculty and Mentoring Portals

Our Faculty Portal will help you locate, speak with your academic chair and find faculty mentors to help you with your educational and research goals as well as more general career navigation.

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Programs and Workshops

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Faculty Development Resources

Recommended Readings

Nature special - Young Scientists

"The research enterprise sometimes keeps scientists from pursuing the best ideas: intense competition forces researchers to prioritize publishing papers over tackling important questions. A special issue explores the problems facing early and mid-career scientists, and how to solve them."

Diversity and Inclusion: Faculty Ideas

Message from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion:

We welcome your input and ideas for how we can make the Georgetown University School of Medicine and Medical Center a more diverse and inclusive environment. We endeavor to recruit and retain diverse faculty and staff, and will encourage all employees to contribute to and support the cultural fluency and diversity of the campus.  Please complete our quick survey to provide us with ideas and questions.

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