New Appointments

Over the years, a number of academic tracks have been developed that recognize different sets of important contributions made by faculty to the various missions of Georgetown University Medical Center. However, in order to receive a faculty appointment, there is a basic requirement for the applicant to participate in the education of Georgetown medical students, residents, fellows or other trainees educated by GUMC.

School of Medicine University Employed Faculty Tracks

For individuals seeking a Georgetown University Employed Faculty appointment, we offer the following tracks: The Tenure Track, Research Track, Medical Educator Track, Adjunct Track, Emeritus Track, and Special Titles Track. 

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School of Medicine Non-University Employed Faculty Tracks

For individuals who practice at MedStar and other GUMC educational affiliates and locations seeking a Non-University Employed Faculty appointment, we offer the following tracks: The Clinician Scholar Track, Clinician Educator Track, Clinician Track, Biomedical Educator Track, Biomedical Scholar Track, Adjunct track, and Clinical Emeritus Track.

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School of Nursing and Health Studies Tracks

For individuals seeking appointment at the School of Nursing and Health Studies, we offer the following tracks: NHS Educator Line, NHS Researcher Line, NHS Tenure Line, and NHS Adjunct Line.

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Post Doctoral Fellows

For individuals seeking appointment as a Post Doctoral Fellow.

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