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Georgetown University Medical Center CV Format

The GUMC CV format is the only accepted format for applications for appointment or promotion. Click here for the GUMC CV template.

Committee on Appointments and Promotions

The committee on Appointments and Promotions meets monthly to review applications, with the exception of summer recess (August-September). To prepare, the applicant, Department, and Human Resource Contact (HRC) must work to submit a completed packet according to deadline submission dates.

Committee on Appointments and Promotions (CAP) Schedule and Deadline Dates

Committee on Appointments and Promotions Members

Application Process

For details on the step by step process from the preparation of the application packet to the Approved Faculty Appointment/Promotion:

Step by Step Process for University Employed Faculty

Step by Step Process for NON-University Employed Faculty (Medstar and other)


List of Department Chairs and HRCs


Onboarding Checklist

Verify your faculty appointment by searching for yourself in the Georgetown University directory. If you find your entry, copy your NetID from the URL (your NetID appears after ""). If you don't find your entry, contact Kimberly Walker at

Log in to your Georgetown email account using your NetID and password. Your password should have been emailed to you. If you run into problems, email for assistance.

Pick up your optional GOCard on Main Campus, the Law Center, or the School of Continuing Studies.

Attend Faculty Orientation and Open House, offered annually in September.

GUMC Professional

This online management tool will assist you in preparation of your annual faculty performance review report. Specifically, GUMC Professional will allow you to manage and prepare information regarding your professional activities, including education, research, publications, grants, courses, presentations, service, and mentoring.

While this process, if not already completed, requires a faculty member to spend time recording his/her accomplishments and look forward to the coming year’s activities and goals, this information will be very useful for other research and educational activities.

GUMC Professional Link

To request a GUMC Professional Account, please contact Ms. Kimberly Walker at


Faculty Development Resources


New Faculty Portal

Our Faculty Portal will help you expedite for contacting your academic chair and find faculty mentors to help you with your education and research goals as well as more general career navigation.

Click here for Faculty Portal

Research Professional Resources

Education Professional Resources

Career Enhancement Skills

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