Step 3: Movement to Tenure Line from another NHS Line

Information for moving to Tenure Line from another NHS Line

Any faculty member holding a Research or Educator-line appointment may be recommended for a new appointment on the Tenure-line contingent on both the needs and resources of the School and the qualifications of the faculty member.  Such requests follow the same procedures as if they were initial appointments. After completing review of this page, please go to the following pages according to the rank that you are seeking on the Tenure Line:

  • Tenure Line Appointment to Assistant Professor
  • Tenure Line Appointment to Associate Professor

Upon achieving a new appointment to the Tenure-line, the faculty member will be a member of the Tenure-line faculty, with the following being noted:

  1. Consideration for appointment to a tenure-line rank will be on the basis of total qualifications. Primarily, this means that such a faculty member is not guaranteed appointment.
  2. Any faculty member moving to the Tenure-line will be considered to have begun his/her time of service of tenure eligibility on the effective date of the Tenure-line appointment.

  3. Applications for faculty switching to tenure-line at the Associate or Full Professor level will be reviewed by UCRT.