Teaching Resources

Every GUMC faculty member fulfills one common, basic requirement: to participate in the center’s educational mission.

As a GUMC faculty member, you are responsible for educating society’s future physicians, scientists, nurses, and other health care professionals.

The Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs provides resources that can enhance your teaching skills and optimize the learning environment for your students.

  • The Teaching Academy is a community of practice dedicated to helping all GUMC faculty flourish as educators.
  • The MedStar Teaching Scholars program is open to clinician educators from across MedStar Health.
  • The Cura Personalis Fellowship program is an innovative teaching-learning development program available to any Georgetown-affiliated physician or resident is eligible to apply for participation in the Cura Personalis Fellowship. Residents must have at least 4 years of training left at the time of application.
  • Additional helpful educational links can provide tools as you plan your classes.   

​We recommend that you also explore the additional opportunities, programs, and events on the Center for New Designs & Learning Scholarship.  You may also explore upcoming events and program applications that may aid you in your teaching on our events page.

Announcements (Virtual Learning Environment and Teleworking Continuity):

  • If a faculty prefers 1-on-1 personal training instead of watching the training videos online, please email Raphael Terranus and Dave Retz. They are experts in Zoom training and have the knowledge and skills to provide technical assistance as well  if needed.
  • Please email zoom@georgetown.edu as soon as you need assistance. A team of UIS account managers is monitoring the email and will provide prompt answers and assistance.
  • Zoom had capacity issues with video recording in the previous days. They have expanded new hardware to store all new videos recordings. Old recordings are still being processed and it will get better soon.
  • If a class/seminar is expected to have more than 300 participants, please contact zoom@georgetown.edu as early as you can. UIS has very limited license for large Zoom meetings that can accommodate up to 500 participants in a class session; the slot needs to be scheduled in advance. UIS also has a Zoom Webinar license that can accommodate up to 1000 people in a webinar-style session; this needs to be scheduled in advance. If you need a webinar for your or your team’s exclusive use or need more than 1000 seats, we can help you to purchase a webinar license.