Step 3: Adjunct Faculty


All applicants should forward to their prospective Department Chair/Unit Leader the following:

  • The CV must be formatted using the APT template and signed by the applicant​
  • Sections that are not applicable should be indicated with N/A or deleted from the format
  • NOTICE: For all applications submitted after January 1, 2024, all CVs must be submitted in this updated SON and SOH CV format that has added a section to recognize work related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • For Adjunct Professor the applicant needs two-three letters of recommendation (per Department/Program guidance)
  • Letters are addressed to the Chair of the Department or Unit Leader
  • Letters must be submitted on letterhead and physically signed (not typed) by the writer
  • Writers must type their name and current rank underneath their signature
  • Writers must identify the track and rank the applicant is applying for, and whether the applicant is going for appointment or promotion in the letter
  • The letters of support are from individuals who are familiar with the applicants qualifications as a scholar, educator, and practitioner, where applicable
  • All letters should come from writers who are at or above the rank sought by the applicant
  • Should be dated no earlier than four months before submission via Interfolio​

  • If submitting an official graduate school transcript, you must complete a transcript request form (provided by Department Chair/Academic Leader or Admin) to request official transcripts
  • Degree Verification Form

  • Submit no more than five major scholarly publications completed since appointment or the last promotion in the dossier.

  • At a minimum, information should be provided for each course, each year, taught by the candidate. Student evaluation data from standardized course evaluations should not include student comments. Units should provide the numerical summary of student evaluation data.
  • For promotions, evaluations must include student evaluations and three peer evaluations from faculty holding the rank sought
  • Note: Individual student evaluations will not be accepted and will result in a return of application.

The Chair/Unit Leader then prepares a letter, which includes the role the faculty will play in the department/unit. All materials are then posted on the secure department/unit Canvas site for review by the Executive faculty within the department/unit. Each department/unit then follows the department/unit voted upon procedure for approving the adjunct faculty member at the appropriate determined rank. A request to switch from adjunct to part-time or full-time status must be reviewed and approved by APT. Recommendation for approval is then forwarded to the Dean.

Processes and Terms

Each SON unit and SOH department has a specific process for Adjunct applications.  Please review the Departmental/Unit Policies and Procedures for Adjunct Faculty for complete details.  

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the appropriate Department Chair/Unit Leader or Admin.


For appointments, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  Please review the APT Meeting Schedule.  For promotions, applications must be submitted on March 1st or August 1st.  

Please work with your Department/Unit Administrator or Human Resources Contact (HRC) to discuss the application process and when they need the paperwork from you before the deadline.