Step 3: Grant of Tenure, Seeking Promotion (already tenured), or Tenure Line Promotion

School of Nursing

Grant of Tenure, Seeking Promotion (already tenured), or Tenure Line Promotion Checklist

Electronic documents should be submitted by your program administrator via Interfolio.  Documents should be ordered and named in Interfolio as described below.  

Discuss with your unit leader.  

Before you do any of the below, you must first discuss with your academic leader and confirm the appropriate appointment or promotion for you.  If you do not know your academic leader, you may find them on the Unit Leader and Admin list.

Table of Contents

  • Letter of support is addressed to the Chair of APT, Dr. Edilma Yearwood
  • Letter addresses prior experience and future plans for teaching, research, and service
  • Should be dated no earlier than four months before submission via Interfolio
  • Please note: Unit leader and department chair letters are included for cases that do not go to UCRT. Unit leader/Chair letters are not permitted for cases that go to UCRT except as a record of unit-level action consistent with the faculty handbook
  • Recommendations for Unit Leader’s Letter

  • The CV must be formatted using the APT template and signed by the applicant​
  • Sections that are not applicable should be indicated with N/A or deleted from the format
  • NOTICE: For all applications submitted after January 1, 2024, all CVs must be submitted in this updated SON and SOH CV format that has added a section to recognize work related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • The candidate’s teaching statement should provide evidence of teaching excellence and other information that will assist the reviewers in evaluating his or her teaching.  The information may describe the following:
    • His or her teaching philosophy, the courses the candidate has taught (in terms of diversity of subject matter and level)
    • Course or curriculum development (including syllabi or other relevant/original materials)
    • Improvement in teaching and efforts to improve teaching, adoption of development of novel methodologies or innovations in the classroom as well as any teaching grants he or she has received, publications of pedagogy.
    • If the candidate has published a textbook or other teaching materials, he or she should explain any ways in which it is innovative and contributes to improved teaching.

  • The candidate should write a research statement that indicates how the candidate has made an original contribution to the field and identify the most important publications, and how they align with each other.
  • While peer-reviewed publications are given the most weight in most fields in rank and tenure assessments, candidates should describe unpublished (but substantially advanced) work and other projects under way to provide evaluators with a good idea of the future direction and trajectory of their research.
  • The candidate’s research statement should summarize collaborative work, emphasizing his/her critical and significant role/contribution to the collaborative work.
  • For a full list and examples of what a candidate should include in the research statement, please see Section II, part d in the UCRT Guidelines (page 4-5). 

  • The candidate’s service statement should include service contributions inside and outside of the University.  In terms of contributions inside the University, the candidate should include service inside his/her academic unit (advising, program administration, admissions, searches, seminar coordination, etc.) as well as service outside of the academic unit (committee service, organization of events with other units, etc.)
  • In addition to enumerating what committees the candidate has served on and what administrative roles he or she has assumed, the candidate should detail what he or she contributed to the mission of the University through that service.  The candidate should identify any accomplishments that improved the University.
  • In terms of service outside the University, the candidate is encouraged to emphasize service to professional organizations in his/her field (elected positions, conference organizations, editorial and refereeing work, etc.).  In addition, the candidate should include other service to the public as it relates to his/her position as an expert in his/her field.

  • Submit all school annual evaluation since appointment to tenure line

  • UCRT Student Evaluation Forms
  • Note: Individual student evaluations will not be accepted and will result in the return of the application.

  • The applicant provides a list of potential External Evaluators who may be contacted by APT for a letter of evaluation of the applicant
  • Eight names should be provided with contact information including email
  • In preparing the list of potential arm’s length external evaluators, applicants are highly encouraged to consult the UCRT rank and tenure guidelines
  • The list should also include information on (1) if and how the candidate knows the potential evaluator, (2) why they are preeminent in their field, and (3) whether they can be considered at “arms-length”


See the APT Review Meeting Schedule.  

For appointment on the Tenure Track and Grant of Tenure as Associate Professor or Professor, the APT Committee must have the entire application, including the list of potential arm’s length external evaluator names from the Applicant and the Unit Leader, by May 1, 2024. For more details, please review the UCRT Guidelines.

Please work with your Program Administrator or Human Resources Contact (HRC) to discuss the application process and when they need the paperwork from you before the deadline.