Subcommittee on Faculty Diversity & Inclusion

We are pleased to present the Subcommittee on Diversity and Inclusion (FDI). This subcommittee is organized under the Faculty Development Committee (FDC), chaired by Dr. Jason Tilan, Dr. Luz Sanchez Romero and Dr. Tawara Goode, with administrative support provided by Dean Susan Cheng and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Georgetown University School of Medicine. 

FDI Mission

Cultivate and optimize the diversity of faculty in order to promote their full capacity to contribute to academic excellence in research and education across GUMC.

FDI Objectives


Increase the visibility of diverse and minority faculty members across GUMC through recruitment efforts for searchers, speaker series and research spotlights.

Support & Training

Provide data, resources and mentoring needed to succeed in academic medicine, such as training in communication (grant writing/presentations), sponsorship opportunities.


Identify opportunities to serve on committees and in leadership positions across GUMC

Curriculum Development

Facilitate opportunities in teaching, educational program designs, mentoring. Includes: cultural competency, global health initiatives, student-faculty education and learning.

FDI Implementation

Development Resources

Faculty Development Resources

Hiring Resources

Hiring Resources

Teaching and Curriculum

Teaching and Curriculum

FDI Subcommittee Chairs

Jason Tilan
Luz Sasnchez Romero
Tawara Goode

FDI Roster – 2022

FDI Subcommittee Structure

The subcommittee structure is formed by faculty members who:

  • Serve on FDC and/or
  • Serve on other GUMC committees and serve in a task force capacity to the new Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee.
  • Have an interest in issues of diversity and inclusion in faculty development.

For more information, please contact the SOM Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at

FDI Organizational Chart

An organizational chart explaining the oversight and advisory structure of the FDI committee. See caption for text description.

The Faculty Development Committee (FDC) oversees the Subcommittee on Faculty Diversity & Inclusion (FDI). Both of these entities are advised by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (GUSOM ODI) and the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity Affirmative Action (IDEAA). The Subcommittee on FDI oversees, for example, the Subcommittee Members of the Admissions Committee, Committee on Appointments & Promotions, Committee on Faculty Development, Committee on Medical Education, Rank & Tenure Committee, Pre-Clinical/Clinical Clerkship Subcommittee, Council of Chairs, Executive Committee, Graduate Advisory Committee, Preclinical Module/Course Directors Committee, Students SMEC, and Medical Center Caucus – Faculty Senate. One member of the committees lists will sit on the FDI Subcommittee.