GUMC Faculty Wellness Group Coaching Program

The GUMC Faculty Wellness Group Coaching Program designed by Anjali Gupta, MD, and Lisa Krim, JD, came from a recommendation from the Fall 2022 GUMC Faculty Wellness Task Force Report.  

Results and Testimonials from Pilot

The program was piloted in Spring 2023, and participants experienced the following after the coaching:

  • Increased connection to others at work and their own values
  • Increased engagement in self-awareness and with their work
  • Increased fulfillment at work
  • Better sense of belonging

Testimonials from Spring 2023 Pilot

“The benefits of the faculty coaching program are numerous: 90 minutes of guided self-reflection; becoming acquainted with people outside of your usual work group; time for celebrating joy and meaning in your life; seeing the progression from “safe space” to “happy place” with a few colleagues.”

Professor, School of Medicine

“This was such a wonderful program. It allowed us to self-reflect and find moments of joy. The open space it created, and the deep conversations I had with the group and one to one, were so helpful.”

Assistant Professor, School of Medicine

“The program is thoughtfully constructed and facilitated by a skillful coach. It made me reflect on life-work integration, self-care, meanings and values, and connections. The coach and colleagues in the group gave me lots of tips on actions. I highly recommend the program to everyone.”

Professor, School of Medicine

About the Program

The program is designed to support faculty wellness and enhance career satisfaction and engagement. This program is an opportunity to receive group coaching, not to be trained to be coaches.

This program is a resource for both GUMC university and non-university employed (faculty employed by hospital affiliates such as MedStar Health) faculty.

In the sessions, participants can expect to cover topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Introduction and Balancing Professional Roles and Responsibilities
  • Work-Life Integration
  • Engaging in Self-Prioritization and Setting Boundaries
  • Joy and Meaning
  • Living Your Values
  • Strengthening Connections and Supporting Action

Announcement: Applications are OPEN for the Fall 2024 Cohort of the GUMC Faculty Wellness Group Coaching Program

The Fall 2024 program is now open for applications for 2-3 groups of 5-10 participants in each groupAll GUMC faculty are welcome to apply. This program will consist of six 90-minute Zoom sessions, occurring every other week from September 30 – December 9. Sessions will be held from 7:30 – 9 AM and led by a certified coach. Applications are due Friday, August 16th. Please contact with any questions.