GUMC Mentoring Program: Pod Leader

Time Requirements

Part 1: Professional Development Planning (Month 1 – 4)

All events are virtual via Zoom.

Pod Leader Time Requirements Part 1
ActivityTime NeededFrequency
Pod Leader Orientation and Group Coaching Session*2 hours; 4 – 6 PMOnce; one week before Cohort Session 1
Cohort Sessions90 minutes; 4:30 – 6 PM ETFive sessions
Prep Work30 minutes; asynchronousBefore each cohort session
Individual Coaching Sessions** 60 minutes eachThree – four coaching sessions; scheduled with Professional Coach based on your schedule

All coaching (group and individual) will be facilitated by Laurie Dromerick, Certified Executive Life Coach. Find out more about Laurie Dromerick, RN, BSN, ICF PCC and her coaching.

*Group Coaching Session – How to create a desired life: Vision and Goals
Program Takeaways: Clarity about what you want, Vision for your ideal life, Deliberate direction and goals for your future, Concrete action and lots of fun.

**Three – Four individual coaching sessions will allow you to cultivate the best of yourself through self discovery, vision and goals, communication and accountability. Coaching will help you integrate all domains of your life with intention, manage competing demands of an academic career, build self leadership, deepen personal relationships and create purposeful outcomes. Your work with Laurie is grounded in self-generated solutions, self-initiated change and always individualized to your specific needs. As your coach, Laurie is an objective listener so your time together is free of professional stigma, private and allows for more authentic communication about problems, fears and challenges. This is time just for you — to consider your well-being, the life your desire and to pause from your everyday routine.

Part 2: Professional Development Implementation (Months 5 – 8)

Pod Leader Time Requirements Part 2
ActivityTime NeededFrequency
Pod Check In45 minutesOnce a month

Benefits of Participating

  • Professional development coaching from Certified Executive Life Coach, Laurie Dromerick, RN, BSN, ICF PCC
  • Significant service opportunity necessary for promotion
  • Leadership opportunity
  • Growing network
  • Access to program resources and learning

Please also see testimonials at the end of this page.

Application Process

If you are interested in being a pod leader, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must have either completed the Entering Mentoring Program within the last five years or have equivalent faculty mentoring experience/training.  
  • Must be able to commit to the aforementioned time requirements
  • Must have had a full time faculty appointment for at least 3 years and have more than 2 years experience at GUMC.  
  • Pod Leaders will be assigned a maximum of five affinity group members (faculty members with similar goals, career paths, and departments) as best as possible.

    Applicants will be selected based on ability to commit to all program activities and representation across disciplines.

    Applications are closed at this time. We will have a new cohort in September 2023.

    Have more questions?

    You can email with any questions.


    I benefited as a pod leader from: 1). Realizing how much I’ve learned over the years that could be helpful to new faculty, 2). Feeling helpful, and 3). Hearing the struggles of new faculty and thinking about how to address those struggles.”

    Pod Leader from Fall 2021

    This experience gave me an opportunity to reflect on my career goals, to think about resources available to help meet those goals and help create a network within the POD to use shared experiences to help encourage professional development. I was able to think about opportunities to improve my leadership skills and communication skills to facilitate reflection and career growth within the POD group.

    Pod Leader from Spring 2021

    I have not met challenges because the committee has provided adequate resources and guidance, which have provided Pod leaders with clear instructions and saved their time for the preparation of materials for coaching and discussions.

    Pod Leader from Spring 2021