School of Medicine Committee on Appointments and Promotions (CAP)

​SoM Committee on Appointments and Promotions (CAP)

The Committee on Appointments and Promotions (CAP) is appointed by the Executive Vice President for Health Sciences and Executive Dean of the School of Medicine (EVP/ED). Its members review all applications for appointment and promotion of faculty on all academic tracks in the School of Medicine and forward recommendations through the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs (OFAA). Applications that require subsequent action by the University Rank and Tenure Committee (UCRT) are forwarded by the OFAA, through the EVP/ED, to the President of Georgetown University for action. 

You can learn more about the review process, and tips for your application in the Appointments and Promotions Workshop presentations. Please also be sure to review the CAP Schedule and Deadlines. You can also find them on “Step 3” of any track/rank page when going through the 1-2-3 steps in the previous page.  

A faculty member should never attempt to contact any CAP members regarding the status of their application.  If you have any questions regarding your application, please speak with your department administrator, HRC, or contact the Director of Academic Appointments and Promotions, Annie Alston (