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Below are the awards that Georgetown University faculty can aspire to in regards to research, teaching, scholarship, and service.

Georgetown University

These awards are open to all faculty with Georgetown University, including Georgetown University Medical Center faculty.

President's Awards for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers

The President's Awards for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers at Georgetown University recognize and celebrate the integration of outstanding research and excellence in teaching at our University. The Awards not only honor the individual recipients but also emphasize standards of excellence at Georgetown.

The nomination process for this award has begun!  Nominations for the President's Awards for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers are due by Monday, April 2, 2018.  

Dorothy Brown Award

Georgetown annually recognizes the outstanding service and performance of faculty and staff during the academic year. More than 45 members of the university community received awards for their contributions to Georgetown during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Vicennial Medal

Each year, academic faculty and staff are honored with Vicennial Medals for their 20 years at the university – gold for full-time service and silver for part-time.

Georgetown University Medical Center

These awards are open to all appointed faculty in the Georgetown University Medical Center.

GUMC Leadership in Research Award

The GUMC Leadership in Research Award is given for nationally-recognized achievement in research. Examples of criteria for this award are as follows:

  • Leadership of a large, collaborative interactive team science grant (e.g. NIH P-series, multi-center, high-impact clinical trial, resident/fellow training).
  • Induction into prestigious academic society (e.g. National Academy of Sciences (NAS), Institute of Medicine (IOM)).

GUMC Research Recognition Award

The GUMC Research Recognition Award honors research achievement at Georgetown University. Examples of criteria for this award include the following:

  • Receipt of first R01 or other first major independent grant (e.g., NSF, DoD, ACS, AHA) from the prior academic year (2013-2014). Superior scholarship as evidenced by recent publications in prestigious journals and a consistent record of highly-cited, influential publications.
  • Editorial board membership of a well-recognized peer-reviewed journal; external peer recognition of scholarly accomplishment (e.g. best paper, best poster); elected or named to leadership within an academic society.

Examples of additional supporting criteria include:

  • Attainment of “fellow” status or equivalent in an academic society;
  • NIH Study section membership/chairmanship;
  • NIH DSMB or Scientific Advisory Committee membership/chairmanship.

GUMC Outstanding Service Award

Information and description coming soon!

John Eisenberg Career Development Award (GWIM)

This award is given annually to four women faculty who are selected to attend the Association of American Medical College’s Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar. This is a competitive selection process in which women who show the most potential for leadership within GUMC are selected to attend.

Young Investigator Award

The Young Investigator Award, funded through Georgetown Lombardi's Institutional Research Grant (IRG) and sponsored by the American Cancer Society (ACS), helps junior faculty members launch promising new projects to obtain preliminary results and compete successfully for national research grants. The grant will provide $30,000 for 1 year each for three junior faculty members. 

Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Awards

Every year, the Rivkin Center funds promising research in ovarian cancer, selecting researchers and studies through a highly competitive process. Each application is individually reviewed by a panel of nationally recognized experts for its scientific merit, novelty, and potential to affect the prevention, detection, treatment, and understanding of the disease. 

Kaiser Permante Award

Each year a group of professors, previously honored with the Kaiser Permanente Award, select two new members to receive the teaching award and $1,000 from the Kaiser Permanente Foundation.

See full list of past Kaiser Permante Awardees.

CENTILE - Distinguished Educators

Designation is determined after both internal and external peer-review of the applicants' application portfolios including documentation of evidence of outstanding performance and achievements in three of five education domains: direct teaching, advising and mentoring; instructional design/curriculum development; educational scholarship, and educational leadership.

Lifetime Contribution to GUMC

The recipient of this award is recognized for a career of sustained contribution and service to the GUMC community. The individual is awarded for his or her leadership in scholarship, teaching, and service throughout their career at GUMC, and for being an inspiration to us all. 

Cura Personalis Award

Every year at the GUMC Fall Convocation, the Cura Personalis Award is bestowed upon a health professional who has made outstanding contributions to human health guided by compassion and service.

School of Medicine

MAGIS Awards

The MAGIS Society of Master Teachers honors physicians and biomedical scientists dedicated to the care of others and society. MAGIS, Latin for “more greatly,” is a shortened form of ad majorem Dei gloriam or “towards the greater glory of God.”  

See the full list of MAGIS Society Members.

Mother of Pearl Award

Each year students select several residents for their humanism and dedication to teaching. These residents are honored for having given the “String of Teaching Pearls” to these future physicians. Of these residents, one receives the Mother of Pearl Award.

Pearl of Wisdom Award

Information and description coming soon!


The CIRCLE grant program was created by the Dean for Medical Education, Ray Mitchell, M.D., in 2001, to stimulate creativity and reward excellence in undergraduate medical education.  His vision was to make a substantial investment over several years to enable faculty to pursue innovative educational initiatives for the benefit of our medical students and the institution.  Using institutionally-funded protected time, this investment was designed to provide energy for competitive faculty-driven curricular improvement, and competition it has been.  To date, we have reviewed over 150 applications to fund over 60 grants.  A number of them have already led to additional external funding and virtually all have changed the culture of our curriculum at Georgetown.

Golden Apple/ Golden Orchard Awards 

Each class presents the Golden Apple Award annually to a faculty member whose outstanding professional and personal qualities have enhanced the medical education of members of the class.  Golden Orchard award goes to the faculty member for three or more Golden Apples.

Estelle Ramey Mentorship Award (GWIM)

The Estelle Ramey Mentorship Award recognizes excellence in mentoring of women faculty by a male or female faculty member with an appointment in the Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSOM) or MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (MGUH). 

Karen Gale GWIM Outstanding Achievement Award (GWIM) 

This award recognizes a GUSOM / MGUH female faculty member for outstanding professional achievements in research, education, and/or service, with recognition at the GUMC, national or international level. 

Faculty Affiliate Award

The Faculty Affiliate Award is presented to a physician outside of Georgetown who has made a significant contribution to our clinical medical education and provided mentorship to medical students during their rotations.

Geza M. Illes Award

The Geza M. Illes Award honors an outstanding first-year teacher who serves as an inspirational role model in the field of gross anatomy.

Physiology Teacher of the Year Award

Students in the Special Masters Program in Physiology present the Physiology Teacher of the Year Award to a faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional qualities as an educator.

The Doctoring Award

The Doctoring Award recognizes a faculty member, module director or leader in a doctoring module whose outstanding teaching, professional and personal qualities have enhanced the medical education of the members of the class.

John C. Rose Award

The John C. Rose Award is presented annually to a member of the faculty or administration who has demonstrated outstanding service to the school and has contributed to the improvement of medical education and student life.

Excellence in Teaching in Hoya Clinic Award

The Excellence in Teaching at HOYA Clinic Award recognizes a physician or nurse practitioner who demonstrates exemplary patient care and teaching skills at the HOYA Clinic.

Leonard Tow Humanism Award in Medicine

Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Awards recognize graduating students and faculty members who demonstrate both clinical excellence and outstanding compassion in the delivery of care and who show respect for patients, their families, and healthcare colleagues.

School of Nursing & Health Studies

These awards are open to all appointed faculty within the School of Nursing & Health Studies.

Faculty Outstanding Achievement Award in Education

Information and description coming soon!

Undergraduate Research Conference Awards

Information and description coming soon!

School of Nursing & Health Studies Mentorship Award for Women in Health Studies (GWIM)

The School of Nursing & Health Studies (SNHS) Mentorship Award for Women in Health Studies acknowledges mentoring as a valuable skill in which a faculty member serves others in promoting their professional achievement, development, and socialization into the academic role and community.


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