Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find responses to the following FAQs.  If your question is not answered in one of the below responses, please contact us.


What is a GOCard, and where do I get one?

The GOCard is a single, common, and recognizable identification card for people who are employed or affiliated with Georgetown University. It can be used as a building access card, an on-campus debit card, a printing card, a parking access card, and a library card. You can obtain your GOCard any time after you have your Net ID by visiting the GOCard Office located at UIS Service Desk in the Leavey Bookstore. For more information and for GOCard Office hours of operation, please consult the GOCard Office webpage.

How do I set up a University e-mail account?

Your Georgetown e-mail address will be your Though your Net ID is generated automatically when your department’s HR Contact enters you into the Georgetown Management System, having a Net ID does not automatically create your email account. University Information Services (UIS) requires a password request form (available at their website) and photo ID in order to activate your email account and release your temporary password. In most departments, your department administrator will do this. Otherwise, you may fax the required documents to UIS at (202)687-1162 or present them in person at the UIS Help Desk in St. Mary’s Hall.

Additional information can be found on the UIS website. This video overview about GU Mail is also very helpful.

How do I sign up for on-campus parking?

On-campus parking is managed by the Office of Transportation Management. For information on availability and current rates, please call OTM at (202)687- 4372, or visit them online.

Who has and how do I get library privileges?

Anyone with a GOCard may use the Dahlgren Memorial Library.  MedStar employees, without a GOCard, may also use the Dahlgren Memorial Library during visitor hours, Monday – Friday.

You will have to set up library borrowing privileges directly with the library; the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs cannot do that for you. The first time you go to the library, present your GOCard at the circulation desk, and library staff will set up your library account. For information on accessing online library services, please consult the library homepage.

Where can I find a notary on campus?

The GOCard Office has a notary. If you or someone you know requires use of a notary, contact the GOCard Office for hours of availability. They do not make office calls; the fee is $2.00. Refer to the website for details and contact information.

Sharon ‘Pepper’ Richardson is a notary (MedStar) in the Department of Medicine (PHC – 5005). She can be reached at (202)444-7547. There is no fee for the service; she does not make office calls. The notary services hours are 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Friday. Silvana Alcocer is a notary in the office of Technology Commercialization (3300 Whitehaven St. NW. Harris Building, Suite 1500. Washington, DC 20007) she can be reached at (202)687-0843. There is a $3.00 fee for the service and appointments are required.  Gina Lee is a notary for DC. Gina does not charge for Notary Services for GU personnel. She is located at 2115 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 503, Room 6052. She can be reached at (202)687-2402 or by email: to assure that she is available.

Appointments and Promotions

How do I apply for a new faculty position or promotion?

Please contact your department chair(s) or administrator(s) for guidance. You can also visit our Appointments and Promotions page to find out more about the process and requirements.  You may also contact Melany Barrett, Academic Appointments Coordinator, if you have further questions.

What is an academic chair?

An academic chair is someone who may be the same or a different person than your department chair.  In order to apply for any appointment or promotion, you must first speak with and receive a letter from your academic chair.  If you are unsure of your academic chair, you may use our faculty portal to find your academic chair.

What is the difference between appointment and promotion?

An individual is seeking an appointment if he/she is applying to Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) for the first time, or is a returning faculty member (left the university, and came back).

An individual is seeking a promotion if he/she currently has a faculty appointment with GUMC. 

What does it mean to be university employed vs. non-university employed?

In the School of Medicine at GUMC, there are two categories of employment: university employed and non-university employed.  

A university employed faculty appointment means that an individual is employed by Georgetown University Medical Center.  You receive your benefits and pay through GUMC, and you are evaluated by GUMC at the end of the year.  This includes the following tracks: tenure, medical educator, research, adjunct, special title, and emeritus.  

A non-university employed faculty appointment means that an individual is employed by one of GUMC’s hospital and partner affiliates (for example, MedStar). You receive your benefits and pay through another affiliate other an GUMC, and are evaluated at the end of the year by another affiliate.  This includes the following tracks: Clinician Educator, Clinician Scholar, Clinician, Biomedical Educator, Biomedical Scholar, and Adjunct.

If you want to explore these tracks more, please visit our Appointments and Promotions page.

What are the requirements for each rank and track?

See track requirements on our appointments and promotions page if you are seeking a new appointment, or promotions if you are seeking a promotion.

What are the deadlines for submitting faculty applications for hire and promotion?

To be considered for the monthly CAP meeting, completed packets must be submitted to OFAA via your department administrator 6 weeks in advance of the anticipated CAP meeting.  You can find review the CAP deadlines and meeting schedule, and you can also find them on all the “Step 3” pages of the Apppointment and Promotions 1-2-3 process

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed by CAP?

CAP reviews applications on a monthly basis, with the exception of summer recess (August-September). Once your completed application is submitted by your Department Chair to OFAA, it will be submitted for review by CAP. Applications must be complete and submitted 6 weeks in advance of the anticipated CAP meeting.

Faculty Development

What is the mentoring program?

The goal of the mentoring program is to help you find faculty colleagues who can help you keep doing what you need to do to succeed in your career.  We have a database of mentors that are available  to meet your mentoring needs, and they have indicated their availability for a mentoring relationship (short or long term).  If you are interested in either being a mentor or a mentee, please email with your name, why you are interested in being a being a mentor/mentee, areas that you are interested in being a mentor/mentee for, and the length of the mentoring relationship that you are looking for (short or long term).  You may also send any questions or feedback to 

How do I get a mentor?

If you do not know your mentor please contact your department chair or your departmental mentoring director.  If you need a mentor, or have any further assistance please contact email

Where do I find a list of program applications and events at GUMC?

Go to our upcoming events and program applications page.

What is the faculty evaluation and what is the deadline for submission?

See the Annual Evaluation and Awards page.

Am I required to complete a GUMC faculty evaluation?

If you are Tenured/Tenure-eligible track, Research track, and Medical Educator track faculty members, you are required to complete your Georgetown University faculty Self-Evaluation. If you are on the Clinician, Clinician Educator, Clinician Scholar, or the Adjunct Track, please consult with your department chair on whether you need to participate in the evaluation process, and if so, which evaluation process you should complete.