GUMC New and Early Career Faculty Mentoring Program

The goal of the GUMC New and Early Career Faculty Mentoring Program is to offer an inclusive mentoring opportunity for all new and/or early career faculty through individual mentoring, peer and group collaboration, and coaching.

Using evidence-based approaches and techniques, the program activities explore the fundamentals for professional development at GUMC, and delve into the tools, resources, and contacts that can enhance the professional development of any new or early career faculty member.  The program activities include tools and resources for professional self-reflection (SWOT analysis and SMART goals), building a professional individual development plan, peer group collaboration and coaching through affinity pod (small) groups, as well as individual mentoring.  

There are three main roles in this program: mentees, pod leaders, and mentors.  The time expectations for each of these roles are on the different webpages (blue buttons below).  The mentee and pod leader participate for the entire eight months and must complete an application to be considered.  The mentor is selected by the mentee, and only participates in the second half of the program.  Please see the position descriptions for each of these roles:

The GUMC Faculty Mentoring Program for New and Early Career Faculty is OPEN for applications for a new cohort of 20 mentees and 5 pod leaders. Please learn more and apply to be a mentee or a pod leader on the mentee and pod leader webpages below. Applications are due for both mentees and pod leaders on Friday, July 22.

We will be hosting virtual open houses on July 13 at 9 AM and July 19 at 5 PM to share more about the program, what mentees can expect, and qualifications needed to be a pod leader. Please RSVP to attend the open house sessions.

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This program is open to ALL full-time faculty (university and non-university employed) who meet the qualifications listed on the corresponding pages.

Please find the applications, time requirements, benefits, and more information for each role on the below pages.

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