Department Chair, Department Admin, and HRC Info

As a Department Chair, Department Admin, or Human Resources Contact (HRC), the below information may be helpful while you are assisting the faculty with their appointment or promotion application process.

Change in Track

For faculty that are interested in changing tracks, please review the change in track instructions and checklist to find what is required in their application.  NOTE: If the faculty member is changing track and rank, they must follow the checklist and instructions found on the appointments and promotions page for that track and rank.

Secondary Appointments

For faculty that already have a primary appointment with Georgetown University or another university, and are interested in receiving a secondary appointment within Georgetown University Medical Center, please review the secondary appointment instructions and checklist to what is required for their application.


For faculty terminations, please contact the Director of Faculty Records and Data Management, Ivan Gray, as soon as possible regarding the termination.  A checklist and instructions will be coming soon.

List of Department Chairs, Department Admins, and HRCs

Please review the list of Department Chairs, Department Admins, and HRCs.  For corrections, updates, or questions, please contact us. 

CAP Schedule and Deadlines

Please see the 2019-2020 CAP Schedule.  Please review all the CAP meeting schedule and deadlines.  For faculty members, please be sure to work with your department admins and Human Resources Contacts to discuss when they need the application paperwork from you before the deadline

Promotion Planning Worksheets

If a faculty member in your department is planning for promotion, please see the Promotion Planning Worksheets to help them prepare.

Onboarding Informational Document

This document is a 1 page document providing contact information for the OFAA team, important onboarding links, and what else people can find on the OFAA website.  This document may be helpful to provide to any new faculty.


Documents for Chairs: Annual Evaluations

You can find all of the documents for this process on the Faculty Annual Evaluation page.               

Guide for Appointment and Promotion Online Resources

Review the presentation for a detailed overview to walk you and a faculty member through the Appointment and Promotion online resources and process.  Please contact Annie Alston if you have any questions.