GUMC Faculty Wellness

Wellness is a continuous and ongoing journey. We hope that the resources provided on these webpages will support personal and collaborative growth. Additionally, we hope you will reach out and get assistance if you or a colleague are experiencing distress.

Our Commitment to Faculty Wellness

Georgetown University Medical Center strives to support faculty in their well-being and fulfillment within a culture of wellness and efficient work environments. These pages contain resources to support multiple domains of well-being.

“[Faculty] wellness is defined by quality of life, which includes the absence of ill-being and the presence of positive physical, mental, social, and integrated well-being experienced in connection with activities and environments that allow [faculty] to develop their full potentials across personal and work-life domains.”

Adapted from Brady, K. J., Trockel, M. T., Khan, C. T., Raj, K. S., Murphy, M. L., Bohman, B., … & Roberts, L. W. (2018). What do we mean by physician wellness? A systematic review of its definition and measurement. Academic Psychiatry42, 94-108.

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Wellness Resources

About These Resources

GUMC leadership charged the Faculty Development Committee to identify and analyze wellness needs and factors contributing to lack of wellness, examine the utilization of current resources, and provide final recommendations to fill any gaps or unmet needs. The 11-member Wellness Task Force formed four design teams: Literature Search, Benchmarking, Current Resources, and Interviews. They collected data through interviews and focus groups and presented immediate, short term and long term recommendations. Read the 2021 Wellness Task Force Report and the Executive Summary.